How we work with health and safety

We introduce Health and Safety principles into every stage of the project development cycle in Skanska CDE.

  • We focus on education, increasing awareness and knowledge of our project teams, so they can plan and implement actions combining health and safety, efficiency and commercial perspectives;
  • We implement continuous risks and opportunities management process to allow safe execution of project activities;
  • We focus on the prevention of incidents and accidents, promoting trust, collaboration, openness, and no blame attitude;
  • We include all project stakeholders, our external customers, and industry partners in programs promoting H&S;
  • We ensure that the H&S governance system has the clarity of expectations and practical application;
  • We ensure continuous improvement of the H&S management system, by collecting and sharing knowledge and experience across the projects;
  • We ensure compliance with legal requirements, internal procedures, and ISO standards, by setting targets and KPIs, performing audits, and monitoring implementation of corrective measures;
  • We collect and analyze data from projects, to identify trends and propose improvement plans and solutions;
  • We are targeting actions and programs to improve Health and Safety Culture in the organization, creating a working environment where everyone is responsible for the safety.
Last updated: 12/3/2020