Business development

We work on some of the most interesting projects of our time. If you want to build our business while making a difference to people’s everyday lives, business development at Skanska is the perfect match for you.

Building for a better society sets us apart

In a fast-changing industry where competition is fierce, you can play a major role in setting Skanska aside from the competition as the best. Whether it is part of our sales, marketing or customer relations, what you can achieve now in helping us build for a better society, will have a big impact on the future.

Break new ground

We work on some of the country's most prestigious building, infrastructure and civil engineering projects. We offer you the chance to break new ground, build our brand and grow Skanska's business while promoting our health, safety and environment-focused culture in everything you do. Find out more about our projects.

A career with us gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and grow as a person. You will work with great people and be part of a supportive knowledge sharing team.

Our focus on Sustainability

We focus on the sustainability areas where we can make the most significant positive contributions: Safety, Ethics, Green, Community Investment, and Diversity and Inclusion. All of these areas relate to our core business and expertise, and are interconnected.

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Last updated: 6/14/2021