Work environment

A healthy and inspiring work environment stimulates creativity and collaboration, resulting in higher productivity.

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A great working environment reflects the values of companies and help attracting the best employees. We believe in innovative solutions and attention to details. A pleasant work environment reflects the value of companies and helps to attract the best employees.

Example of our offer - Mill Park

Mill Park, our recently delivered office project provides a large naturally lightened lobby, openly connected to the restaurant and cafeteria. Our Swedish heritage is clearly visible right from the entrance, using wood, light colors and welcoming furniture in Scandinavian style.

A co-working area and WIFI in all of the common areas facilitates an unconventional and creative way of working.

For people who prefer to use bikes, we offer showers and lockers in the underground parking area, near the bike racks.

Find out more about our Mill Park project.

Last updated: 11/21/2017