We are committed to making an active contribution to a green society. Our longtime leadership within green building enables us to deliver projects with demanding environmental ambitions.

As a leading development and construction company, we are uniquely qualified to make things happen. Together with our designers, supply chain and clients, we can contribute to a true change. However, in order to address all the challenges, a change in society will be required.

Longtime leadership within green building

Studies show that developers are not aware that buildings produce 30-40% of the man-made CO2. They believe the percentage is much less. Also, they believe it is more expensive to build green. However, when we look at the whole lifecycle cost of a project, we see that green buildings can be less expensive.

Our longtime leadership within green building provides us with the expertise needed to help and encourage customers to deliver demanding environmental ambitions. This enables us to be a better neighbor in the communities in which we work, and guides us in the efficient use of natural resources.

Setting targets to measure green activities in all projects

For every project, we set targets encompassing energy, carbon, water, material selection and waste in accordance with the Skanska Color Palette™, a strategic tool we developed to measure and guide our green activities. We have even greater opportunities for green solutions with projects that we develop, design or are otherwise involved with in the early stages.

We continuously improve our green processes through our certifications to the ISO 14001 international environmental management standard. Also, by having active roles in leading international green organizations, we are pushing our industry to do more.