Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Diversity is about everything that makes us unique as individuals - anything that differentiates one individual from another. More commonly, diversity refers to common social categories, such as gender, ethnicity and age.

In Skanska we define an inclusive culture as a culture where people are open, fair, show trust and respect each other. In an inclusive organization everyone can contribute to their fullest potential.

It is a work culture that seeks sharing of experiences and perspectives and that is respectful of differences. It is through an inclusive work culture that we can leverage the benefits that come with a diverse work force, such as different skills and abilities, including education, experience and functional capability. This results in more productive and innovative ways of working.

Be Better - Together

We are striving to reflect society's increasing diversity at all levels of our organization, and to have leaders who are excellent at fostering an inclusive culture that helps each person reach their full potential.

Having a workforce with people of varied genders, ethnicities, ages and backgrounds coupled with an inclusive culture supports our Be Better – Together value, and it enables us to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

Our vision

Throughout Skanska, we work intensely with diversity and inclusion through local goals and activities.

Since the launch of our Diversity & Inclusion Vision, this area has been integrated in the current Business Plan. We have designed tools like employees' surveys and Diversity & Inclusion Road Map, which help us track our clear activities and monitor our performance in this area.

On our recently deliverd Mill Park office project, there were 14 nationalities from all over the world working together.

Last updated: 11/21/2017