We implement our innovative ideas about the future in our projects. For our recently delivered Mill Park office complex, we take yet another step and commit to focusing on enhancing people's health and well-being through the built environment.

International studies have shown that more sustainable developments are not only good for nature, but also for people. The WELL standard takes all types of characteristics into consideration, and focuses not only on creating a healthy working environment, but also on developing buildings that support human health and productivity.

Proper material selection, recreation areas, multifunctional courtyards, upper floors terraces, sound reduction and wellness possibilities can all contribute to the wellbeing of the employees of tenants.

Our Mill Park office complex was built with a focus on well-being features. The aim is to create a positive experience of our development projects and improve the quality of life at work, as we know it contributes sustainably to the success of organizations.

Last updated: 11/21/2017