How we work with safety

Construction remains one of the most hazardous industries in Hungary, so we focus on reducing risks by thoroughly training our people, comprehensively planning our projects and operating according to our industry-leading safety procedures and policies.

We truly care for the safety of each and every person connected with our projects. Consequently, we do our best to foster an environment in which everyone takes responsibility for their own safety, as well as the safety of those around them.

Safety permeates all that we do. We consider safety when selecting projects and when choosing supply chain partners. When projects are being planned and designed, we look for ways to eliminate risks. Every day, nothing is more important than living our value of Care for Life.

Currently, on Nordic Light Trio construction site people are working and we are engaging them in open discussions about safety and about the impacts of our daily activities to continuously improve our safety approach.

The Skanska Safety Policy Statement commits us to challenging milestones on our way to an injury free workplace including:

  • Safety Leadership
  • Safety Culture
  • Proactive management and measurement
  • Safety Resources
  • Being an agent for change in our home markets

Safety week

Yearly we organize Skanska Safety Week. It is happening all over Skanska in the same time and during an entire week we approach different health and safety topics, trainings and also wellbeing subjects for all our employees and suppliers, involving them actively.

This year's theme was Relax. Recharge. Reset. and took place during May 14-20, 2018 in Hungary. The activities took place in Nordic Light office building, Mill Park construction site and Skanska Hungary headquarters.

Last updated: 11/21/2017