Tenant profitability

Modern and innovative workplaces contribute to higher productivity, less sick-leave and enhanced flexibility to meet future needs We focus on how our customers can serve their markets and clients to reach higher levels of profitability.

In our Mill Park project, we are focused on delivering the right quantity of fresh air and the proper ratio of natural light. Through our green solutions, we also facilitate electricity, water and heat savings.

For us, tenants' comfort is a priority. We realize this not only by offering the optimal working environment, but also providing the services that tenants need at their foot step, in the Mill Park office complex.

Activity based working spaces

In Skanska Hungary we are promoting activity based working. It facilitates not only collaboration within and among teams, but also comes with a creative interior design concept, taking into consideration the domain in which the company operates, the tasks and the needs of the employees. Applying this principle, people do not have a stable place within the office, but are changing it based on daily activities.

Activity based working also helps the company to make more efficient use of an office space.

Clean desk policy

Based on the activity based working principle, we implemented the clean desk policy in our headquarter in Skanska Hungary. The clean desk policy means that all employees are responsible for cleaning their own desk at the end of the day and to place all personal items in a dedicated locker.

Last updated: 11/21/2017