As cities grow, so do emissions. At Skanska we believe in developing a more sustainable society and green building is a continuously strategic step in that journey.

Creating a working environment that offers green solutions in all areas such as water consumption, energy efficiency, reducing our carbon footprint and lowering the impact of the development on the local community have become essential.

Our pioneering sustainable solutions

In Hungary, Skanska is a pioneer in sustainable technologies. Green House, the project we delivered in 2012, was the first project in Budapest to have LEED Platinum. And we continue the green journey with every project that we create.

The recently delivered Mill Park office complex incorporates various green solutions, among which energy efficiency is one of the key features. After being delivered and operational, it uses approximately 25 percent less energy than a conventional Hungarian office building would.

Electro-mobility is also gaining much attention and for our Mill Park project, we are providing tenants with several electric car-charging stations, with all types of chargers.

Last updated: 11/21/2017