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This is H2Offices.

A complex of three office buildings that will provide about 67,000 sqm of modern office space in total. Located in the most popular office hub Váci Corridor, H2Offices will offer green environment at one of the busiest points of Budapest. Various means of public transportation and vibrant surroundings are at your footstep.

Energizing the business...

Situated in the heart of the new CBD of Budapest, H2Offices offers an excellent location in direct vicinity to a public transportation hub and great visibility for occupiers. 

The uniqueness of the building is emphasized by the playful façade, transparency of the structures and spacious double height Scandinavian lobby. Various recreational spaces, such as rooftop running track with a view over the city, green urban terraces and an elevated walkway will support health and wellbeing of building users. 


...and engaging the community

Connection to nature and environmental consciousness are at the core of the complex. The large multipurpose garden with a water feature will be open to the public, offering a variety of recreational experience, in the meantime serving as a meeting hub and a place for community life as well.

Bicycle storage, lockers and showers will be available for those arriving by bike, and electric car chargers will be provided for electric car users. The green terraces on the top floor will also offer a unique view over the city.

The complex will house retail units and other amenities for convenience of building users and residents of the surrounding area. 

Green, People friendly and Innovative

WELL & LEED = working together to optimize building performance for human health and our environment

Designed to obtain WELL and LEED certifications, the project stands out for its sustainable solutions, enhancing connection with nature and applying intelligent innovative functions.

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Discover the office complex in a safe and sustainable way through our digital brochure application.

All information, including but not limited to visualizations, floorplans, sustainability, technical and safety features of the project are just a few taps away!

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‘Care for Life Office Concept’ is part of our ‘Future-focused’ strategy, and it has been developed to answer today’s needs of office space users - as regards both comfort and microbiological safety.

In other words; the Care for Life Office Concept strives to prevent spreading of viruses and other diseases, and secure that employees of our tenants can return to offices in a safe way.

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Connected by Skanska - beyond smart

Connected by Skanska is a unique smart building solution developed by us and designed to facilitate the daily use of the building for the tenants' users and guests. It is one of the most integrated platforms for office buildings that integrates smart technologies, but more importantly also integrates people with the workplace. 

Connected by Skanska features not only improve operational productivity within the office space, but is also a great way to manage the flow of employees and adapting the way we work to the ‘new normal’.

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