Mullberg Wind Farm

  • Mullberg Wind Farm
  • Mullberg Wind Farm
  • Mullberg Wind Farm
  • Mullberg Wind Farm
  • Mullberg Wind Farm
  • Mullberg Wind Farm
  • Mullberg Wind Farm

Wind farm with green ambitions

In the town of Rätan in Sweden’s Berg Municipality, Skanska is hard at work on the construction of Mullberg Wind Farm. The project is a collaboration between Skanska and Jämtkraft. Once fully operational, Mullberg Wind Farm will comprise 26 wind turbines with the combined capacity needed to supply approximately 45,000 households with electricity each year.

The wind farm is located in the hills surrounding Mullberget, where the annual average wind speed is seven meters per second. The wind turbines, which produce electricity at four meters per second, are expected to generate an annual production of approximately 247,000,000 kilowatt-hours.

Work on the wind farm began in the summer of 2012 with the construction of new roads and reinforcement of the existing roads leading to the wind farm, followed by the clearing of forest land in the area. Throughout the project, we have been careful not to clear more trees than was absolutely necessary.

Our goal is for Mullberg Wind Farm to be built and operated in harmony with nature and we hope that the project will serve as a model for how to create renewable energy in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner.

Once completed, the wind farm will comprise a total of 26 Siemens SWT 113-3.0 MW turbines with a maximum total height of 180 meters. Construction is expected to be completed in spring 2014, at which point electricity production can commence.

Construction of Mullberg Wind Farm

July: Reinforcement of roads leading to the worksite.
September: Geotechnical investigation. Site establishment. Project engineering for foundations. October: Cable and transformer work. November: Foundation work begins.

March: Foundation, electricity and transformer work continues. 
April: Work on service building begins.
June: Transformer building and service building completed.
July: Roadwork completed. Turbine deliveries begin.
August: Foundation work completed. Electrical work completed. Installation of turbines begins.
December: All towers installed.

Spring: Turbine blades assembled. Electricity production begins.