What are our health and safety results

Measuring and monitoring safety performance is an important part of any organization's continuous improvement cycle.

Skanska CDE places increased importance on developing, measuring, and reporting the performance mainly of the leading indicators which are used to prevent future possible incidents.

Nevertheless, in case an incident occurred in one of our projects, we are focused on the reporting and investigation processes in order to identify the root causes and prevent the occurrence of similar incidents.

Lagging Indicator:

  • Lost Time Accident Rate YTD (2020): 2.0

Examples of leading indicators used :

  • weekly site safety visits in order to ensure that health and safety expectations are being met;
  • monthly risk and opportunity meeting which enables the project team to identify and control future risks;
  • monthly meetings with representatives of the operatives, where operatives speak directly with the project managers regarding how to improve the site and facilities conditions.
Last updated: 11/19/2020