Skanska Property Hungary became a GreenBuilding partner of the European Commission for Népliget Center

Press release 2/27/2009 12:00 AM CET

The Népliget Center office project gained Skanska a GreenBuilding partnership of the European Commission. Skanska won the GreenBuilding certification for its environmental conscious and energy-efficient technologies.

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GreenBuilding is a voluntary program of the European Commission which was launched in early 2005 with the purpose of improving the use of potential energy savings in non-residential buildings. A certified building must meet the requirement of saving at least 25% of energy when compared to the energy norms of the given country.

The GreenBuilding Partnership of Skanska proves that Népliget Center – the office project located at the intersection of Gyáli út and Könyves Kálmán krt. - fulfils all these environmental challenges. The GreenBuilding certificate was granted due to the energy efficiency and environmental-friendliness seen in aspects from the initial design to the operation and maintenance of the building.

“We are proud to be one of the first GreenBuilding partners in Hungary”, said Andreas Lindelöf, the managing director of Skanska Property Hungary. “In Skanska, we believe that the future lies in energy efficient and sustainable development. Office buildings consume high level of energy, and tenants are given the opportunity to cut energy costs if they move to a building where energy consumption is under the average.”

Népliget Center facts Located at the entrance of the airport corridor the 26,000 sqm Népliget Center consists of three buildings. The project combines Scandinavian traditions of functionality and simplicity with the elements of Nordic architecture. What kind of green solutions does the Népliget Center have?

- optimized energy consumption Optimized energy consumption results in lower energy costs. In Népliget Center a Quantum chiller cooling system was installed to prepare 10 oC water for fan-coil units and cooling coils for air handling units. There are several advantages of using a chiller – an up to 25% reduction of operating costs, minimum noise and vibration and highest efficiency. The fan-coil system is installed for heating and cooling and the electricity supply of the fan-coil system is connected to the meters of each tenant. The temperature of the work stations can be individually adjusted. With this solution, the tenants are inclined to optimize their energy consumption by only using it when it is needed.

- heat recuperating system Efficiency of heat recuperation in Népliget Center is an average of 55%. The practical heat efficiency of the heat exchangers is higher because the air exhausted by the office heats up the garage levels.

- access to public transportation Skanska chose a main hub for the location of the new office building, which is an ideal location for both those traveling by car or others who prefer public transportation. Metro, tram and bus stations are located in front of the building, which can motivate our tenants to choose more environmental friendly ways of transportation than by way of car.

- extra amount of natural light Each individual office has an openable window. Due to the shape of the building, the Népliget Center absorbs an extra amount of natural light. The aim of Skanska was to ensure that the office spaces will get as much light as possible thus decreasing the energy consumption of these premises.

- solar panels Népliget Center is equipped with solar panels for domestic hot water (DHW). These cover approximately 55% of the average annual hot water usage of the building.

- energy efficient office lightning Office lighting is mainly provided in the form of T5 type fluorescent tube fittings and fittings for compact fluorescent tubes. All lighting in the common areas is connected to the Building Management System and adjusted according to time channels. This solution also helps reduce energy consumption. Restrooms are equipped with motion sensors.

- noise protection The chosen glass structure provides improved noise protection and the mechanical engineering installations are noise-protected.

- filter in the sewage system In the outside sewage system of the Népliget Center, there are special filters which prevent oil and fat from getting into the sewage. 1 liter of oil can ruin 1 million liters of pure water per year. During the period of one year, 400 tons of polluted rain water get into the sewage system, into the sewage works and into the Danube.

- carpets All carpets in the office spaces of the Népliget Center are lined with 85 % recycled materials.

- selective waste collection The Skanska Office Index 2008 survey showed that selective waste collection and reduced, economical use of paper is a daily routine for most of the companies. Selective waste collection - separate containers for paper, plastic and batteries - is available throughout the entire building

- bicycles to loan free of charge The building is situated close to the main bicycle roads of Budapest. Due to its ideal location, the Népliget Center provides bicycles to loan to its tenants free of charge. A bicycle storage room and dressing room are available in the garage of the building.

- landscaped courtyard The buildings of Népliget Center have a common green courtyard which provides a perfect place for taking a break between the busy hours.

Népliget Center fulfils the energy efficiency and environmental conscious requirements. With its energy-saving standpoint, Skanska motivates its tenants in the practical realization of sustainable development. The GreenBuilding Partnership of Skanska motivates the company to take on further challenges and this will likely affect its competitors.

Skanska Property Hungary Kft. became a member of KÖVET. KÖVET is committed to support intercompany information float regarding CSR and sustainable development. One of their most popular programs is „Green Office” which is focused on the reducing environmental impacts in the office and environmental consciousness.