Safety Week 2011: An Intensive and Hands-on Campaign

Press release 10/20/2011 11:15 AM CET

Skanska Property Hungary runs an action-packed, interactive campaign focusing on various aspects of health and safety during Safety Week (17-23 October 2011).

Setting the safety agenda started with the installation of a special Safety Mirror by the entrance of the Green House site. The primary function of the mirror is to remind workers each morning when entering their workplace that they are the ones primarily responsible for their own safety.

Health related demonstrations delivered by doctors from Bethesda Hospital include CPR, First Aid, and the use of semi-automatic and automatic defibrillators; burn prevention and the protocol in case of burn injuries; and medical advice as per the ergonomic and mental affects of working in construction. The specialists also provide medical check-ups on site and answer the questions of participating construction workers.

Safety lab demonstrations, exhibitions and displays by invited specialist companies at the site were planned around the topics of lifting and fall protection.

Each and every activity of Safety Week 2011 is followed by a short multiple-choice test that gives us feedback about participants’ awareness and newly acquired knowledge of each topic, and also gives us a chance to reward them with Skanska memorabilia (branded t-shirt, baseball cap, lanyard, reflective safety keychain, folding ruler, etc.).

Fire protection will get powerfully illustrated to the Budapest office team on the last day of Safety Week through a life-like smoke test. We will receive clear instructions and close supervision from the Fire Department while we practice orientation in and evacuation from a smoke-filled room, wearing masks connected to oxygen tanks.

The one-week series will conclude with a cumulative test that combines all safety areas presented during Safety Week as well as general Skanska H&S policies and procedures, and incentivize participants with more valuable gifts in case of scoring exceptionally well.

All activities and initiatives of Safety Week 2011 were designed and organized by our Health and Safety Manager, István Acsádi. He excels in reinforcing the organizational culture that encourages our workers to feel more responsible and accountable for safety, and empowers them to give direct feedback for our further improvement in safety matters.