The City of the Future award was granted to Nordic Light

Press release 3/8/2016 10:48 AM CET

Nordic Light in Hungary is still under construction and has a lot ahead until its completion deadline in September 2016, however has already won its first award.

Zoltán Linczmayer and András Schmidt

The award called, The City of the Future, was established by the City Hungary Program and its main aims are: to support partnership building across sectors both in Hungary and internationally, to contribute to achieving a better and more sustainable quality of life of cities by sharing experience information and tools, also to improve relations between the public and private sector in order to achieve common goals, to recognize and showcase innovative projects that verify the positive impacts of sustainability and environmental awareness on local communities and environments and which make the everyday lives of individuals and local communities more livable and finally to enable larger cities to be role models for towns and villages.

The award ceremony took place the last week, and winners were announced in five categories, For a Sustainable City, For a Greener City (municipalities and companies divided), Saving the culture, arts and heritage category (municipalities and companies divided). One thing was common with the winners; they eager to reach a better way for life.

Nordic Light, Skanska Property Hungary’s seventh office building won the award in the category of ‘For a Greener City’, which was received by the proud representatives of Skanska team Zoltán Linczmayer (Country Director) and András Schmidt (Sustainability Manager). “This is not only a prize, but Skanska has the right to use this special trademark (The City of the Future) as a great recognition for the commitment and actions taken. Skanska is the only developer who won this award as a proof that we are the market leaders in the field of sustainability and we are on a good path to build for a better society.” – Zoltán Linczmayer added.