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Skanska Magyar oldalain

Here you will find information and news on Skanska's operations in Hungary, how we work and our completed and future projects.

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Sustainability in brief

We believe that we are a responsible company. We strive to meet the needs of the world today without jeopardizing the needs of the world tomorrow.

In financial terms, it means living on income rather than consuming capital. 

We try to plan ahead and we do our best to address the opportunities and challenges that are, or could be, linked to our activities.

Sustainability Areas

We Care for Life. We work safely, or not at all.

We do business with a high degree of integrity and transparency.

We promote green solutions and conduct our operations in a green way.

Corporate Community Investment
We engage in the communities in which we work and establish long-term relationships.

Diversity and Inclusion
We foster an inclusive culture and leverage diversity to deliver the best solutions.

We are influenced by many external factors and guided by the values expressed in our Code of Conduct.

These values drive what we do to contribute to a more sustainable world. On the following pages we point out the opportunities and challenges that we face, the policies and strategies that we employ to address these and evidence that we do our best to “walk the talk”.

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