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Skanska Magyar oldalain

Here you will find information and news on Skanska's operations in Hungary, how we work and our completed and future projects.

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Safety Week 2012

Safety Week is the world’s largest workplace safety initiative organized by a company, a global event taking place every year in Skanska, where we focus on safety. The event has been run since 2005 and it helps us re-double our efforts to eliminate accidents in the workplace.

Working safely is not something that we do during our Safety Week only, but something that we should do every minute of every day. We want to create a working environment where everyone feels this responsibility, and where we can act as a team towards our common goal of zero accidents. The theme of this year's Safety Week is Teamwork. 

Local initiatives by Skanska Property Hungary include:

  • a safety challenge course at the Green House site where mixed teams of office and construction workers, as well as subcontractors will together identify and analyze real-life examples of  correct and incorrect uses of equipment and other types of unsafe behavior.
  • the installation of a Safety Mailbox at the site for the collection of Near Miss cards
  • the publication of a redesigned Near Miss Card
  • Fall Protection: lab visit

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